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Smart safety

Smart safety involves integrating advanced technologies, like sensors and IoT (Internet of Thing), into safety protocols and personal protective equipment to enhance workplace safety. It aims to prevent accidents and improve worker safety through real-time monitoring and data analysis.

Innovation is key

In a market where products are becoming increasingly similar, companies need to differentiate their offerings strategically to stand out. As safety gains importance, the PPE industry is moving towards smarter and safer protection solutions, meeting the evolving needs of users.


Technological expert

As a technology expert of smart safety solutions for personal protective equipment (PPE), we offer an industrialized, certified and ready-to-integrate IoT package to make PPE products connected. Our main objective is to enhance the safety features of PPE with user-friendly technology, making integration and use simple.

Our technology

Our solutions increases:

Worker protection (by anticipating risks, preventing injuries and fatalities). 

Productivity and efficiency (by minimizing disruptions due to accidents and optimizing work processes.)

Comfort and dexterity (By offering comfort and dexterity to workers, our solutions enable them to perform tasks with increased ease and flexibility)


What We Offer


Designed for   workers and sports  in cold condition our products offer  real protection to ensure  optimum safety and comfort.  

Intelligent and functional, the sensor triggers and optimizes heating cycles according to the environment.

  • Retain warmth in body parts when exposed to cold environments.
  • Offer high configurability and seamless integration with your existing personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Adjust the heating dynamically in response to environmental conditions or software configurations.


The unique fiber optic system increases worker visibility in poorly lit environments. This technology can be used for both professional and consumer markets. Our lighting module uses sensor technology to automate/optimize light cycle to provide better protection. 
  • Achieve high visibility over a long distance by emitting a strong LED lighting across a surface.
  • Maintain high visibility without requiring illumination from an external light source.
  • Adapt the lighting color and intensity, depending on the environment or software configurations.


The detection system identifies potential hazards and issues immediate alerts in the event of danger, warning the user to take preventive action. This technology is used in professional markets (industry, security and emergency).

Our detection module uses sensor technology to automate the detection process and ensure a proactive approach to risk anticipation.

  • Improves efficiency by automating risk monitoring with detection modules, enabling workers to concentrate confidently on their tasks, and ultimately improving overall company productivity.

  • Allows the configuration of detection sensitivity, vibration, and LED light settings through our software.

  • Discreet, and effective, the module enables comfortable and secure work, ensuring safety as a key advantage.


Benefits of Smart safety

Smart safety systems with active protections can quickly detect and react to dangerous situations, significantly reducing the risk of accidents, especially in industry, transport, and construction.

Consequently, these technologies not only save lives but also preserve the integrity of infrastructure and equipment while optimizing productivity by eliminating costly downtime associated with major accidents.

Enhanced safety serves as a crucial lever to boost productivity, as it creates a climate of confidence where workers are more inclined to focus on their tasks. 

Employees feel more motivated to adhere to safety procedures, thus minimizing the risks of accidents that could lead to production interruptions.

Through data analysis, it is possible to identify trends and potential risk factors, allowing preventive measures to be taken to avoid incidents.  This data-driven approach to safety fosters a proactive and predictive safety culture,where risks are mitigated before they escalate, contributing to a safer and more productive work environment.


How We Make A Difference

Smart Ecosystem

We own and supply the full ecosystem: electronics, software and smart fabric. You don’t need any technological competencies in order to integrate, configure and operate our solutions.


Thanks to our experience in the smart textile industry, we provide full support from prototypes to production. We have successfully delivered over 200,000 units since our inception.


Our commitment to quality has been earned through years of working with leading brands. We work closely with you to integrate our solutions into your personal protective equipment (PPE). We offer dedicated support throughout the intelligent PPE production process.


We have developed a partnership with DuPont to create next generation smart fabrics and to bring them at industrial scale on the market.


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